Report to AGM 2011

UNA Edinburgh – Report to the AGM on 15 October, 2011

In the past year the IDWG has met regularly and has also presented a briefing to fellow WG chairs and key UNA Edi members on problems associated with poor ID Capacity Building within developing Nations, associated educational and genders issues and the unethical exploitation of indigenous peoples and their resources by Governments, NGOs and the corporate world.

To date, we have featured our WG research on water Issues, agroforestry possibilities and solutions, Intellectual Property implications and the exorbitant costs of global Licensing and Patenting.

We were also briefed on the background and workings of the UN Development Programme and from this briefing, have gained a better understanding of the ever present problems relating to lack of transparency and unaccountability in developing nations which often results from poor infrastructure and governance  and results in corruption and malpractice within the developing world.  We have also worked closely with NIDOS and met with DfID and members of the Parliamentary Group on ID at Westminster and have also met with the Secretary of State for ID in Edinburgh.

We look forward this coming year to three major tasks;

  • To explore ID related climate change, educational, health and sustainability issues
  • To work with fellow Chairs so as to better understand and share inter-related WG aspects of ID
  • To create a cost effective and self funding Briefing, Workshop and if possible, a web based and complementary Virtual Event which will bring together our findings from both last and this year’s research in an ‘evidence, cause, effect and implication manner, so as to present an informed and coherent appreciation of the contemporary tasks facing ID practitioners, NGOs, political actors and the resultant impact upon the underprivileged within developing nations.

 As a WG, we are especially grateful for the expertise, evidence and resources made available to us by fellow UNA Edi members Dr Frank Prior, Dr Roger Leakey, Dr Alex Mackinnon, Dr Gari Donn, HCG Robyn Murray, Robert England and also to our associate IDWG advisers, Professors Paul Jowitt and David Fowler and to Dr Jafer Qureshi of the Muslim Aid Foundation.

Ken Stewart
Chair, IDWG
October 2011