Report to Branch Committee 24/6/11

IDWG report – June 2011

 Professor Paul Jowett

Paul Jowett of Heriot Watt University and an expert member of our UNA Edi IDWG, was awarded a CBE in the latest Honours list. We have sent our congratulations. Paul will make a diminishing ‘water resource’ presentation at the Autumn IDWG meeting.

Andrew Mitchell (DfID),
Secretary of State for ID

We attended his presentation (with fellow NIDOS members) and were able to meet with him privately afterwards. He drew our attention to the latest set of parameters for UK DfID aid qualification, which asks for
commercial and/or corporate joint ventures between private enterprise and NGOs, to enable qualification for future aid support from DfID. All such future proposals must be from JV initiatives with at least 2 years trading accounts and balance sheets. The UK emphasis is now very much on entrepreneurial and enterprise funding for Global South (Third World) job creating schemes. This new entrepreneurial criteria will be hard for many NGOs to accomplish and will inevitably reduce future UK funding disbursements.

Ken Stewart
Chair, IDWG
21 06 11