Iran delegation to George Watson’s MUN 19-21/3/10

Model United Nations (MUN) in Edinburgh
A team from Iran was one of the 35 delegations to the secondary school
MUN held in Edinburgh 19-21 March.

Over 500 school students aged 14-18 took part in the widely acclaimed
MUN with each delegation providing members of a wide range of
Committees – Middle East, Disarmament, Environment, Human Rights,
Economy – as well as representatives to the Security Council.
Resolutions had been brought to the event, often after months of
careful researching of a country’s position: some resolutions fell at
the first hurdle, others managed to gain sufficient support to be
debated at the General Assembly on the Sunday.

The girls from Tehran were welcomed to the school by Rob Crawford,
Director of the MUN. He said how delighted the school was to have the
delegation from Iran and thanked the Edinburgh Branch of the United
Nations Association most sincerely for organising the visit.

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