Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament

The above letter from the Minister for Counter Proliferation, via Mark Lazarowicz MP, in response to an email by Alec Gaines, sets out the Government’s posItion on the Missile Cut-Off and Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaties.

  • Lobbying for an International Arms Trade Treaty

We lobbied Ministers, diplomats, MPs, MSPs, NGOs and others on the International Arms Trade Treaty, which was agreed by the United Nations General Assembly on 2 April 2013.

The newly reactivated UNA Youth Edinburgh ran a ‘LINK ARMS AGAINST ARMS’ Campaign .

The following email, of 9 March 2013, from Alec Gaines sets out what we asked for. It incorporates a supporting message from Mark Lazarowicz MP and the Hansard Report of Foreign Office Questions of 5 March 2013, quoting sheila Gilmore and other MPs and the answers from Alistair Burt MP, Minister for Counter Proliferation: emails 9 March 2013

Here is a letter from Alistair Burt MP,  dated 8 March 2013, which set out the Government’s position: Alistair Burt – ATT letter March 2013

This letter from Ian Murray MP set out his position: AAAianmurray

We received a letter of support from Huhtaniemi Pekka –  HE, the Ambassador of Finland
to the UK: emails 11 March 2013

Here is the Scottish Government’s official view: AAAAF20130006268

We got a congratulatory email from Ian Murray MP, enclosing a message from Alistair Burt, Minister for Counter-Proliferation confirming that the Treaty had been agreed by the General Assembly – Message from Alistair Burt via Ian Murray MP

Finally, here is a letter from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, dated April 2013, summarising the final Treaty and HMG’s position – ATT reply for e-mail campaign April 2013

  • Letter to MPs on Trident 31_10_12
  • The United Nations 67th Assembly First Committee on Disarmament and Security’s press release last 8 October 2012 outlines priorities and sets pathways to security of regional groups and individual states. For more, click here.

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