Conference on NATO’s Strategic Concept, 1/11/10

We held a One Day Conference on NATO’s New Strategic Concept and Global Zero at the Scottish Parliament on 1 November 2010.

These are the main recommendations arising from the Conference –

1. Nuclear Weapons should be seen as Political Weapons
2. Implications of the Non-Proliferation Review should be taken on
3. NATO should promote the attainment of Global Zero
4. NATO should work with the UN on a WMD-free Middle East
5. Strategic doctrine of the 21st century should move from a military to a
humanitarian focus

Here is a full report of the conference (pdf format) –

Global Zero and NATO NSC Report2

The report was sent to a wide variety of relevant parties, including the UN, NATO and the UK Government. Click here to see the MoD response to NATO Conference 16_12_10 and click here to see FCO response to NATO conference 15_1_11.