Motions for Conference 2011

At the UNA-UK Conference 2011, UNA Edinburgh submitted five motions (including an emergency motion) and an amendment to a motion. The outcomes were as follows –

Motion 1H

Uranium Weapons

Noting that on 8 December 2010, the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 65/55 calling on state users of depleted uranium weapons to reveal the location and amounts used if requested by affected countries:

Further noting that the UK was one of just four countries that voted against the resolution, along with France, Israel and the US:

UNA-UK urges the UK Government to implement the above-mentioned approved UN resolution, and reveal where it has fired depleted uranium weapons if asked to do so by the affected countries, in particular Iraq and Afghanistan.

Moved by Martin Verity

Motion carried

Motion 1I

Israel-Palestine Peace Process


That the ‘peace process’ is terminally stalled;

The negotiating imbalance between occupier and occupied; and

The inability or unwillingness of current negotiators, by themselves, to reach agreement consistent with UN Security Council resolutions and international law.

Noting the:

General recognition of final status arrangements – pre-1967 borders, two states, both with Jerusalem as the capital;

Arab Peace Initiative (2002, 2007), Israeli Peace Initiative (April 2011*) and other formal and informal proposals; and

Benefits to Israel, Palestine and the region of resolving this issue urgently.

UNA-UK calls on the UN Secretary-General to establish a panel of independent experts with expertise in international and human rights law to:

1. Act as proxies for Israel and Palestine

2. Consult all interested parties in Israel, Palestine and neighbouring states, and

3. Draw up detailed final status arrangements, including a timetable and procedure for implementation.

Moved by Liz Sim

Amendment moved to the above motion by the Women’s Advisory Council:

Amend operative clause 3: insert ‘with Jerusalem as an Open City’ after ‘final status arrangements’

We abstained on this amendment, which was carried by 76 votes to 72

Amendment moved to the above motion by the UNA-UK Board:

Delete operative clause 1

We accepted this amendment, which was carried

The substantive motion, as amended, was carried

*Explanatory footnote: The Israeli Peace Initiative, inspired by the Arab Peace Initiative, is proposed by over 50 prominent Israelis, including former defence, intelligence and security chiefs, businessmen, academics and the son of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. They recognise that the status quo is untenable and dangerous for Israel. The initiative also addresses the division of Jerusalem, withdrawal from Golan, refugees and other issues.

Motion 1L

Global Nuclear Zero

Recognising the need to progress towards the fulfilment of Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty,

UNA-UK calls on the World Federation of UNAs and relevant national UNAs to promote:

1. A UN Convention proclaiming the possession of nuclear weapons to be against international law;

2. Lord Hannay’s nine-point programme for progressing towards Global Zero*, in particular by observing and lobbying diplomats at all UN Disarmament Meetings;

3. The removal of all tactical nuclear bombs from Europe in the next four years; and

4. The success of the 2012 UN Conference to initiate a weapons-of-mass-destruction-free Middle East.

Motion moved, on behalf of UNA Edinburgh, by Gari Donn

Amendment to the motion moved by the UNA-UK Board:

Delete operative clause 1

This amendment was carried

Amendment to the motion moved by the UNA-UK Board:

Amend operative clause 3: replace ‘bombs’ with ‘weapons’ and delete ‘in the next four years’

We accepted this amendment, which was carried

The substantive motion, as amended, was carried

Domestic Motion E

UK Network Against Nuclear weapons

Noting the dangers posed by uranium weapons and the UK’s refusal to endorse the UN General Assembly Resolution 65/55 calling on states that possess these weapons to reveal where they have fired them if asked to by an affected state,

Policy Conference requests that the UNA-UK Board considers financially supporting the UK Network Against Uranium Weapons.

Moved by Martin Verity

Motion failed to obtain a 2/3 majority and was lost


Amendment to motion 1. M. Arms Trade Treaty which was submitted by the UNA-UK Board of Directors.

Amend operative clause 2: insert
‘and cease all government promotion of arms exports’ after ‘ATT’

Amendment moved by Martin Verity

The UNA-UK Board was neutral on this amendment which was carried

Motion on Israel-Palestine

Noting recent events – viz

–  Hamas and Fatah commitment towards reconciliation and elections

– speeches by President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu before and during the latter’s  visit to Washington; noting also President Obama’s position on 1967 borders as starting point for negotiations, and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s negative response;

– invitations from President Obama to President Abbas and Prime Minister Netanyahu to begin talks and

– probable request for UNGA to recognise Palestine as a State and UN member.

Conference urges UK to support:

1          Palestinian reconciliation, and to encourage other states to do so, especially US and EU partners;

2          President Obama’s current attempts to establish meaningful peace talks with Israel and Palestine before September 1; and

3          recognition of Palestine as a state
and member of UN by UNGA and UNSC.

Motion moved by Liz Sim

Motion referred back to UNA-UK Board by 82 votes to 71